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  • How to Freeze Food Without Using Plastic

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    When I post pictures of my jar-filled freezer on social media, I get lots of questions about it, usually along the following lines: Is it safe to freeze food in glass? (Yes) Do you use special glass for the freezer? (No) Don’t your glass containers break? (Only that one time…) I have had little trouble […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • Make Memories, Not Waste

    Make memories not waste this holiday

    Studies show that experiences bring more happiness to people than stuff. Anticipating an experience—a trip, an upcoming concert, dinner with friends—makes us happy before the actual event. In other words, we benefit from the experience before we actually experience the experience. Afterward, we have fond memories. And even if the experience goes badly, we still have […]

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  • 18 Waste-Busting Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner


    I’m on a panel for a food waste Twitter chat November 15, 2 to 3pm Eastern. You can follow along with the hashtag #foodwastechat and you can find me on Twitter at @ZeroWasteChef. Also on the panel are Dana Gunders of the NRDC, the Save the Food Campaign and Sustainable Table. I hope some of you […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • How to Cook a Whole Pumpkin in a Pressure Cooker


    Homemade pumpkin purée tastes so much better than store-bought. For several years now, I had been roasting small whole pumpkins to make purée. That works well. Basically, you stab the pumpkin a few times around the top, roast it for about 45 minutes and purée the flesh. You can read a post about that here. Today I […]

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  • How to Scale Back During the Holidays


    Some might say I go too far. When compared to the average consumer, I may seen downright nutty. But I believe that decades ago—before mass consumer culture kicked in—I would have seemed fairly normal. Well, let’s say normal as far as my consumption patterns go… As I have said many times, I’m not extreme, our […]

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  • 14 Benefits of Cooking


    Yes, cooking requires time. But I’m not advocating a five-course meal every night. Dinner can be very simple: rice and beans with a side salad; a quick stir-fry; revamped leftovers. I don’t cook anything very elaborate. I simply try to eat a healthy diet—one devoid of processed food. (Read this post for 18 time-saving tips […]

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  • Bentonite-Calcium Tooth Powder


    I am not a dentist. I am merely sharing my own experience, not dispensing medical advice. Now that I have that out of the way… Full-On Hippie Ingredient: Eggshell Calcium Powder For a while now, I have wanted to make toothpaste with calcium powder but simply could not find calcium powder in bulk. So I made my own […]

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  • Chestnut Laundry Soap


    While scrolling through Instragram recently, I saw a pic of homemade laundry soap made from horse chestnuts at @less_is_more_pdx. I was amazed! I immediately messaged the woman behind the IG account—Angela Zahas—and asked her if she would like to write a guest blog post about her homemade soap.  Horse chestnut trees grow in temperate areas of […]

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  • Meet Frank, the Zero-Waste Hamster


    My youngest daughter, who asked I use a fake name for her in this post—let’s call her C—repeatedly asked me for a hamster this summer. C: Can we get a hamster? Me: Bootsy will eat it. C: I’ll keep it in my room with the door shut. Me: Meh. C: All of a mother’s problems disappear when she […]